Dani Kubesch

Multimedia Designer
and ongoing Web Developer

I'm a creative individual seeking for new challenges and exciting projects. I graduated with honors from Die Graphische in June 2017, specializing on multimedia design. I have various interests, like graphic design, video production, photography, web design and development. That's why I enjoy working with people from various branches. To gain even more experience I am currently studying Multimedia Technology, major in Web Development, at FH Salzburg, completing with a bachelor's degree in 2020.


With the mobile web app debtrack it is very easy to keep an overview of your debts. You can note what someone owes you and even split costs between various people. Send them a reminder directly from the app to receive your money as soon as possible. Billing with your friends after the next pizza order has never been so easy!

You can use debtrack here.

The official Styleguide can be found here.

debtrack debtrack debtrack debtrack debtrack

FitView is my first bigger University project. On the website you can graphical visualize your health data, like weight, fat, sleep hours, and so on that you get from your several devices. You can simply log into the site via Google login.

This project is created with simple HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. It uses a PostgreSQL Database and Bootstrap for a simple styling.

fitview fitview fitview fitview

The startup "Regionalis" wanted to create a blog website to build up a community until they launch their Online-Shop in 2018. First I made Wireframes and a Screendesign, based on their CI. Afterwards I realized the site in Wordpress. You can visit it here.

regionalis regionalis regionalis regionalis

My diploma project for "Die Graphische" in 2017 was a redesign and Online Shop for the company "Dare". The whole project remained fictitious due to school rules. My team members were Charlotte Zdarsky (graphic design) and Desiree Benyr (photography).

dare dare dare dare dare dare dare dare dare dare dare

I designed and realized the new website for the dance studio CAve25 in Wordpress. It provides a lot of infos for the customers, like an FAQ area, a photo gallery and informations about prices and trainers. A schedule for all the dance lessons is integrated as well. Over a contact form you can sign in for a class.

cave25 cave25 cave25 cave25

The aim of the project was to explain the services of "Firmenhandy.at" to future customers. Therefore, I designed two infographics. They should facilitate the understanding of this complex topic.

poolvolumen poolvolumen

I participated in a logo design contest by the company "A-SIT" in 2016 and created a short presentation with different combinations.

a-sit a-sit

Photography series "Milk Bath". Shot in 2015.

milchbad milchbad milchbad milchbad milchbad

The film "the best is yet to come" deals with thoughts about the future. What is going to change? What are the dreams of individual people from all age groups?
The film collects all the ideas and tries to build a new future world with them. It won a prize at the ARS Electronica Festival 2016 in the category U19.

u19 u19 u19 u19 u19 u19 u19 u19

The video was created for the international video-spot and animation competition Austria in 2015. It won the 1st place in the category Animation. Topic of this competition was "deserved and undeserved luck".

A tabletop soccer club needed a logo for their competition team called "Magic Moves". These three logo variations were the ones they have chosen.

magicmoves magicmoves magicmoves

The music video for the band "Faroul" tells a story about how you should find the way back to yourself in rough times. For us dancing expresses being happy and free for a moment. My classmates and I created this video as a school project. Don't worry, dance!

An Illustration of a woman with pink hair, created in 2015.

illustration illustration

During my internship at Ploner Communications one of my tasks was to create a layout for all 23 Viennese districts facebook pages. I made illustrations of a typical building from each district and composed it in a color scheme.

bezirke bezirke bezirke bezirke bezirke

Different photographs shot from 2014 to 2016.

photography photography photography photography photography photography




6.5 Years


6.5 Years

Java Script (ES6)

2 Years


5.5 Years


2.5 Years

Ruby on Rails

1.5 Years

SQL (Postgres)

2.5 Years


2.5 Years


1.5 Years


Adobe Photoshop

9.5 Years

Adobe Illustrator

7.5 Years

Adobe InDesign

7.5 Years

Adobe XD & Sketch & Figma

1.5 Years

Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut

4.5 Years

Adobe After Effects

1 Year

Cinema 4D & Maya

3 Years



Native speaker





Curriculum Vitae


September 2017 – present University of Applied Sciences | Salzburg
BSc in Multimedia Technology
Major in Web Development
September 2012 – June 2017 Höhere Graphische BLVA | Vienna
graduated with a technical degree in multimedia design
September 2008 – June 2012 Goethegymnasium | Vienna


2016 - 2019 Freelance web design & development
for Regionalis Blog, CAve25, Sinn.fm and Dare Cosmetics
Freelance graphic design for ecosio , BikeZeit
July 2018 – August 2018 dotsandlines | Vienna
web development intern
March 2016 whatchado | Vienna
video production intern in the marketing department
August 2015 der Pfeil | Lower Austria
graphic design intern with focus on packaging design
July 2014 – August 2014 Ploner Communications | Vienna
graphic design intern with focus on social media


2019 Social Hackathon FH Salzburg | 2. place
2017 creative competition project Europa | honorable mention
competition „Funkenflug“ | honorable mention & film screening
2016 ARS Electronica U19 competition | honorable mention
2015 MLA (Media Literacy Award) | audience award
international video & animation competition held by the federal ministry for family & youth | 1. place (category animation)


If you want to collaborate, you can reach me via:

mail: daniela.kubesch@outlook.com

on social media:

Daniela Kubesch
private Portfolio / Privates Portfolio

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Wiesengasse 18
3001 Mauerbach
Austria / Österreich

E-Mail: daniela.kubesch@outlook.com

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